• Accommodation

    Our Budapest office collaborates with the best hotels in Budapest and our country: Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Boscolo New York Palace Hotel, Corinthia Grand Hotel Budapest, Prestige Hotel Budapest, Buddha Bar Hotel Klotild Palace, Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge, Mariott and others. We get you the best rates and the best value for money for any given budget. No matter if it`s a short visit or a long stay, we can make it a happy and memorable experience for you in Hungary. Feel free to ask us for help in accomodating your crew and clients!
  • Budget and cost efficiency

    Family is not just a brand name, it is the way we use our clients. We always care about you and your money. Therefore, we  find  the best solutions for every budget and adapt our assets to each client’s needs. Whatever we cannot find in Hungary, or we find too expensive for the given budget, we can bring from Romania, thanks to short distance and our special bond with the Romanian headquarters!
  • Casting Service

    We and our partners (Open Casting, Zoom Casting, Hollywood Casting, Facebox ) organize casting sessions and offer the best proposals for your script! We have established special relationships with local foreign communities in order to provide you with authentic extras of various nationalities. We also work with Romanian, Serbian, Austrian and other casting agencies in Central Europe, which is a more cost efficient.
  • Catering

    No one can work on an empty stomach. Don`t worry, you won`t either! We team up with the best caterers on the market to provide you delicious Hungarian and International food! Our special partner - Mr. Masala - can also accomodate needs of authentic Indian catering for short and long-term projects. We are open to satisfy any extra diets, allergies and special requests.
  • Costumes

    You want a crazy costume or a simple one? No problem for us, as we rent any costume you need. And if we can’t find it, we’ll just make it for you!
  • Equipment

    We work with the best rental houses to get the the equipment you need at convenient prices.
  • Location Scouting

    Called the Paris of the East, Budapest is known for its elegant buildings, city parks, and the bridges that connect Buda to Pest across the Danube. This city offers many local bars and restaurants bordering the Danube with beau- tiful views of the river and its bridges, making it one of the most beloved tourist locations both in value and luxury segment.As it is often mentioned, Budapest is all of Europe in one city, which it has proven multiple times, starring in many world-famous movies, masked to be Paris, Monaco, Rome, Munch, Moscow, Berlin, or even Buenos Aires (Evita), for that matter, making it easy to shoot a script, happening in several big cities, without leaving town (eg. Spy).Hungarian province is also rich in shooting locations for any taste and budget, including Gothic and Baroque Castles, dungeons and ruins, picturesque villages, beautiful lakes, hills and valleys, giving place to such battle scenes, as ones in Hercules or Marco Polo.
  • Office Facilities

    Our Budapest office is located in one of the loveliest areas of Buda side, preferred by local creative companies and startup scene. Apart from big open space where we gather for brainstorming, we have a room for castings and wardrobe fittings, a round table for office lunches, a kitchen, and a big terrace for coffee, smoking and sunbaths!
  • Picture Vehicles

    No matter if you want a hot air balloon or a vintage car, an airplane or a parachute, we have it all!
  • Set Design and Construction

    Details make the difference. We collaborate with the best art directors to design and create outstanding set designs.
  • Studios

    5 modern high-tech studio complexes, originally developed to cater the needs of biggest Hollywood productions, are available to the film production houses, looking for big spaces and high end producation quality.
  • Tax Rebate on Films

    As you might know, Hungary offers 25% tax incentive on lms that pass the cultural test, which includes up to one fourth of the expenses outside of Hungary. There is no minimum expense limit for tax incentive in Hungary! Please contact us for further details and explanations.

  • Visa Invitation

    Due to good reputation of our company and a special relationship with Hungarian embassies in our partner countries, we have history of getting visas for our clients without a scratch and upon very short notice! Although, please note that due to technical capabilities of Hungarian diplomatic missions, it is always advised to hand in visa applications at least 10 days prior to the expected flight date!