Short History


In the past couple of years, Family Film has established itself as a reliable, price-efficient, client-centered production house in Bucharest. Now it’s time for Family Film Budapest to write history!

Giuliano Doman, the founder of Family Film and his local partner, Anna Sesztakova, established Budapest office of Family Film in March 2016 to help accomodate the needs of their constantly growing international clientele to find a production house to satisfy all their demands and expectations in Hungary.

It is a huge privilege and a challenge to live up to the expectations of the clients who have shot dozens of projects with Family Film in Romania, and provide the same high end quality but we are happy to declare that this year has been very productive and full of fun, successful projects that we are proud of!

We offer top quality services in pre-production (budgeting, location scouting, casting, concept, set construction and design), as well as in shooting and post-production services for various local and international clients.

Family is not just a brand name, it is an attitude to our partners.We cherish a strong relationship and commitment to our clients. That’s why Family Film crew guarantees high quality standards and a professional manner of solving problems, aiming to meet all expectations of cost effectiveness and quality. We always care about you and your money. Therefore, we  find  the best solutions for every budget and adapt our assets to each client’s needs. We’ll give our best to make your stay and shoot in Hungary a memorable one!

The international showreel of Family Film includes:

Feature films:

Jai Ho (2014)

Singh is Bliing (2015)

Hero (2015)

Raaz 4 (2015)

Plus more than 150 commercials for local and international markets.